The target of AUTOTECH International Consortium in Russia is cooperation with Russian Automotive Plants in the following fields:

  1. Integrated design, consulting and engineering in automotive industry.
  2. New car models development and modification of existing models.
  3. Automotive components joint ventures.
  4. Production technology transfer and equipment supplies.
  5. Manufacture and supplies of all types of tooling.
  6. Supplies of automotive components.

AUTOTECH International Consortium combines:

  • Design, consulting and engineering in automotive industry.
  • Dies & Molds.
  • Metal presses.
  • Production automation robots.
  • Rubber products and plastic components for vehicles.
  • Polymeric materials for automotive industry.

     Long operational experience of our Korean partners with such automobile Majors like Hyundai Motor, KIA Motors, GM-Daewoo Motors, Ssangyong Motors, GM (USA), MAZDA Motors, Subaru, Honda, Nissan will be the guarantee of your progress.

Cooperating with AUTOTECH you will gain the access to traditional quality and advanced modern technologies for Russian Automotive Industry.